Porter Robinson’s Newest Project To Debut At Second Sky

Porter Robinson has not only been a front man to Electronic Dance Music, but an icon to the scene and industry in its entirety. From his debut as “Porter Robinson”, he’s been paving the way. A living legend who’s creations and “next endeavor” uncovers new meaning and innovation for the umbrella of EDM. And his newest alter ego, “Air To Earth” is doing it again.

Following his “Worlds” album, Porter openly stated he essentially “couldn’t top this body of work”. This left lifelong listeners weary for more. That is when Porter unveiled his “Virtual Self” alter ego. Following that he opened up Second Sky Festival which was a music festival with a huge purpose. And for years now we’ve been able to experience, and participate firsthand.

Fast forward, and Porter Robinson is set to debut his newest project at Second Sky which is entitled, “Air To Earth”. This side-project is live-only and is focused on “sample driven, tranquil Progressive House & airy Disco as Porter explains it.

Porter has routinely played the opening slot at his own Second Sky Festival “to make sure even the earliest artists had a big crowd to play to”.

Even the simplest of thoughts can make for the biggest addendums. Porter attributes the idea for this alter ego to his love of DJing in this style (clip down below) and “the feeling of walking into the festival to THIS kind of music” really exciting him.

You can catch Air To Earth opening at Second Sky on both days!

Lineup and tickets below:

Air To Earth - Second Sky Festival - The Era Of EDM Magazine

Tickets here: https://secondskyfest.com/