Phoenix Lights Festival

Phoenix Lights Festival | Phoenix, Arizona | Wild Horse Pass


Pictures by @eraofedm


We had the opportunity to cover Phoenix Lights Festival in Arizona and it was one of the most well thought out and executed festivals we’ve been to. From the smooth entering, the fantastic layout of the venue, location, of course the star-studded lineup and even down to the small details. Everything was thought of when preparing for Phoenix Lights Festival.

It was a first for us to visit Phoenix for a show and work with Relentless beats in the process. I would have to say that this trip was an almost 5 star rating (and I only say almost because 5 just sounds too cliche). The city is so welcoming and full of vibes, and the festival was two days of fire music. One of the biggest things I’d have to say that was noticed, is that everyone looked to be having the time of their lives at Phoenix Lights. I couldn’t tell you if it was the weather, the music, there was something in the air or a combination of many factors, but every person we personally encountered plus those faces we saw in the crowd all just exhibited such enthusiasm for where they were. We’ve all run into people at festivals that seem to be there just because… or went in anticipation of a great time but it ended up not being so. Well I can tell you, from meeting so many people and gazing the faces of the crowd, that everyone looked to be having an amazing time.

And we were there to capture it all!

Below you’ll find our official Phoenix Lights Recap Video that takes you through both days of the festival. From the softer, gentler, House music to heavy Bass inspired sets, the incredible stage productions, excited crowd and the whole experience in it’s entirety. You can relive all of this through our recap below. Give it a watch and tell us what you think!

If you were there, share this video with your buds.

Keep an eye out for Relentless Beats and Phoenix Lights. I can only anticipate another huge festival next year round.


Phoenix Lights Recap Video:

Phoenix Lights Recap | The Era Of EDM Magazine from chris on Vimeo.