Era Of EDM Magazine started out as an outlet for a few creatives to write about music, concerts and artists. Since then, it has grown into a way for those same creatives to get on stage with some of the biggest artists and events across the world to capture those special moments and share them with those like minded and passionate towards the live entertainment and music industry.

Fast forward and our reach and audience has grown immensely to the point of those same creatives bringing the magazine to digital + print distribution throughout our local Sacramento, CA market and beyond.

Our home has always been Sacramento, and with the record years of growth, we’re proud to bring our magazine truly to life to capture some of those special moments of growth for our home city and the special events, community that live and play here.

The Era Of EDM Magazine (EOE) is your one stop shop for everything Electronic Dance Music. From reviews, releases, festival coverage, and so much more. The EOE is here to stay and deliver you the most relevant and engaging content on EDM music.

In our magazine you’ll be able to see exclusive content from lifestyle to the music we love. From lifestyle content on crypto currencies, the metaverse, to travel, health/ wellness and content relating to the music we love including: festival coverage, new music, exclusive artist interviews and so much more. And in addition, we support specific advertisers and sponsors.

We pride ourselves on distributing quality content and we see our sponsors/ advertisers as a reflection of our content. Their message tells a story just like any of our editorial does. Those that choose to advertise with us have been strategically vetted to ensure a mutual benefit between our readers and the advertisers. That’s the honest way to do it and really the only way we see things.

Reserve your copy of your digital + print magazine published once a month here. And follow us on socials to see all that is happening! @eraofdm

Era Of EDM is more than just a magazine, it is a lifestyle brand. Magazine • subscription box • event company

Don’t forget, we produce monthly events with artists of an extraordinary caliber at the finest venue(s) this town to has to offer. *tip we routinely host events not announced to the public. Both those for our partners and for all that you just have to hear about. @eraofedm_events

In addition, we curate a monthly subscription box delivered straight to our subscribers doors. From custom designed and styled clothing, to festival essentials like back and fanny packs to accessories including: hats, socks, tech, health and much more. Every month is a mystery but will refresh your wardrobe and lifestyle. @eraofedmcrate