Capitol City Sees Rise Of New Venue & Promoter Group

Duo known as Riot performing at “The Rink Studios”. Show put on by Home Bass Entertainment.

Bass Music, and EDM, fanatics alike here in the capitol city of Sacramento should be, atleast just a hair, over-zealous for the scene here right now.

Reason being comes after a local show with two of Bass Music’s most ambitious artists came through with an incredible one night performance here in Sacramento County. Put on by a new team known as Home Bass Entertainment, at a new and promising venue, “The Rink Studios”.

The duo residing from Israel known as Riot, whom we’ve had the chance to interview here, were among the first to test the revitalized space and sound on their Dogma Resistance Tour with the likes of Champagne Drip.

Formerly a staple to Sacramento, “The Rink Studios”, was once an indoor roller rink that has been sectioned off and turned into a music venue, recording studio and event center. This may be a stretch but one might suggest the name comes from the locations past scope.

Full of unique and historic roots, deep down to the foundation, The Rink Studios space will prove to be a modernistic approach to entertainment that the former roller rink offered for so many years.

Our first experience came from Riot and Champagne Drip’s performance together for Home Bass Entertainment’s event, “Genesis” just recently. Nothing but positive things to say come to mind in trying to describe the experience.

Home Bass Entertainment brands itself as a live event production company but has a hand in hosting events such as this one as well. As of now it is unclear if promoter group Home Bass Entertainment and The Rink Studios are affiliated and/ or if Home Bass will hold all of its event at The Rink.

What is for certain though is that of a very successful show featuring Riot & Champagne Drip. We anticipate a growing presence both from The Rink as an events center, and Home Bass Entertainment in its efforts to book impressive talent within our scene

Have a look at some of our pictures from “Genesis” with Riot & Champagne Drip down below, and remember the name Home Bass Entertainment and The Rink Studios as they are destined to release some great upcoming shows to rock the Sacramento area.

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