Dirty Audio Gives Us A Little Taste Of Summer 

“West Coast”- Dirty Audio ft. Karra Out Now

Throughout the years DJ Dirty Audio has proven he is among some of the best rising artists in the Dance/Electronic music realm. He was born in Los Angeles where his passion for music first began. After producing a number of his own songs and selling out venues, he gained a great fan base and he has his unique taste of music to thank.

After the teaser, the morning of March 22nd they dropped a track that had their fans craving more.“West Coast” is the perfect mix of heavy base and ear worm melodies. It starts with Karra’s dreamy vocals that hook you until the first filthy drop. Dirty Audio really takes this song to an extreme with his bass and rhythm.

Both of these artists combined their hypnotizing sounds and styles to create the track of the summer. It has a lot of dirty bass and the perfect lyrics to go with it. It all blends together so well and creates an amazing experience for the listeners. This song will have people dancing their heads off. “West Coast” by Dirty Audio ft Karra is out now! Make it worth your time and give it a listen.

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