ARTY’s “Save Me Tonight” Show in Atlanta [Recap]

Courtesy: @spacemediaatl

I heard of ARTY’s music for the first time when I was 14. Back in 2009 my older sister used to listen to trance, electro and progressive house. Blasting chill and melodic sounds from his EP “Vanilla Sky” in her room when parents weren’t around. That’s how I got introduced to Artem Stoliarov, known as ARTY. 10 years later I got an opportunity to catch his ALPHA 9 set at EDCLV for the first time. Few months later I also attended his show on “Save Me Tonight” Tour.

Being on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada record label, ARTY deservedly got his limelight. Keeping true to his origins his sets never disappoint whether it’s his lively and positive ARTY or cinematic ALPHA 9 performances. He is known for his trancy original tracks as well as progressive electro house music that brings joy and makes you want to dance and never stop.

ARTY is a master of transitioning between those genres, he knows how to fulfil the crowds expectations without losing his own voice in the mainstream trends. It’s his ARTY set which means you have to get ready to jump and dance and maybe mosh? I’m kidding, you don’t mosh to house music. It’s a happy place where the music unites us. Housy tunes that start off with a chill and mellow beat skillfully change into an upbeat progressive trance collab with Audien “Never Letting Go”. The catchy track always does its job – sets the right mood. The track is light and cheerful which makes you feel the same way and let go of all your problems and free your mind. The next hour and a half is your safe haven, your judgement free zone.

Courtesy: @spacemediaatl

Of course the crowd is anxious to hear the originals from ARTY’s debut album “Glorious” and he never disappoints, the anticipation of the drop from “Braver Love” makes everyone go wild and when it finally happens, it’s not what you think! ARTY masterfully mixes Audien’s “Hindsight” making it sound so right and so special at the same time. The track is very energetic and bouncy. But that’s just the beginning of your mini fest, ARTY’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.

It’s time to go back in time and play the tracks that everyone knows without a doubt. He always brings happiness to his devoted fans with some of all time classics like Zeds “Beautiful Now” or Years & Years “Desire”. Upbeat poppy tracks always do the job of getting the crowd ready to get rowdy. Non stop jumping and singing along with the crowd, ARTY brings life to his music.

But ARTY sure knows his crowd. He loves mixing it up by playing some trap that goes into “Like a Bitch” by Zomboy that turns into something very unexpected- Space Laces gnarly “Kaiju,” bringing out our inner headbanger that’s been napping all this time. The masterful change in the atmosphere brings even more life to the crowd. Nasty dubstep beats along with weird wobbling sounds then switch back to energetic progressive house making you want to rage till you drop.

Courtesy: @spacemediaatl

Then he plays his newest creation “Save Me Tonight” with deep lyrics and beautiful house-styled vocals, it spreads ARTY’s sheer energy across the room making you feel in peace with yourself. Beautiful warm piano leads bring out a feel of nostalgia and relaxation while the systematic chord progression creates a dance groove introducing highly energetic second part of the track, making your body dance involuntary. According to ARTY, it’s “his favorite production he’s ever done.” No wonder his tour has this name!

“Save Me Tonight” flows into a mashup of everyone’s favorite collab “Something Just Like This” by the Chainsmokers and Coldplay and never getting old M83’s “Midnight City”. Slowly it prepares us for another transition and this time it’s “Easy” by Porter Robinson and Mat Zo! This track has been my jam ever since I discovered Porter Robinson! This track is a brainchild of two amazing producers that is a mix of both electro and progressive house. Coldplay’s vocals over Easy create a brand new unforgettable experience for his listeners.

For any trance lover Above & Beyond is a must hear and ARTY knows that. This time he surprises us with a very creative mashup of sensational Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello “Payback” and Above & Beyond “Sun & Moon”. Of course everyone knows the lyrics as well as the famous beat. This track is a bomb that explodes on everyone spreading joy and euphoria across the dance floor.

Last track is playing. It’s a wrap up. This house journey is over. The lights turn on and you are left overjoyed and blissful. The show might be over but it will stay in your memory and warm your soul till next time you see ARTY again.

Courtesy: @spacemediaatl

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