Apashe X Jaykode Present Us A Riddim Classic ‘Annihilation’ By Fusing Styles

What we have here is an interesting collaboration between two artists who are fresh off of individual major announcements made public not long ago.

Apashe, who having just released his, “The Good The Bad & The Fake” EP with a particular theme and further showcases that signature bass sound intervolved with Classical Music elements. On the other hand, Jaykode has undergone a, seemingly, complete rebrand where all of his Instagram content was deleted to start with a clean slate. Once clear, it became apparent that he’d use the same moniker, but resurface with a new facade. Using his Instagram account to count down to the release of his single, “Apocalypse” featuring Micah Martin, we’re now fully enthralled in the 2019 Jaykode.

As you can see, these two are very fresh with massive announcements already, so we see this collaborative effort as a treat and added bonus to the hard work these guys have already put in.

Apashe & Jaykode’s track here, “Annihilation” features the distinct classical elements and melodies Apashe so effortless incorporates into his productions. And we can deduce that sound is derivative of Apashe, as he’s the only artists we’re aware of doing what he’s so good at with blending Bass & Classical music. In unison, we hear Jaykode’s heavy and big sound capabilities that we’ve come to expect from the rebrand and release of, “Apocalypse”.

Here is Jaykode X Apashe on “Annihilation.

Truly impressed with this track. In a time when Riddim is at its peak, it can be difficult to differentiate them apart, but these two do a great job of triggering listeners with familiar elements while incorporating fresh and unique ones.

Packing big moves, these two artists are impressing the community with all they present us with.  And “Annihilation” is no exception. In fact, it will prove to be a huge momentum keeper as their ability to produce a “classic” Riddim track is a rare talent, and feat to accomplish.

Artwork for Apashe x Jaykode’s, “Annihilation”

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