Slander’s Newest Single, ‘Love Is Gone’ Evokes Heavy Emotion With Music & Cinematic Video

Duo of Slander

The duo of Slander is responsible for a new single with Dylan Matthew on vocals that touches on the more delicate side of their productions. Released on Slander & NGHTMRE’s label Gud Vibrations, “Love Is Gone” strays away from massive bass, where the duo focuses on stunning vocals and rhythm that’ll evoke: clapping, nodding, tapping or another involuntary action.

To open, we experience first hand the clarity of Dylan Matthew’s vocals atop a few simple elements to paint a picture of minimalism and ease. It isn’t until the last half that we experience some rhythm and a step up in intensity that escalates that feel good vibe of Slanders, “Love Is Gone”.

All in all, it’s a fantastic track and brings a breathe of fresh air. What’s even more so impressive is the music video to accompany it.

In outer space, we’re introduced to a scene with what looks to be a distressed space station or some similar space element. All done in the highest quality CGI I’ve ever seen, we follow one fellow space traveler through some incredibly pretty landscapes and spaces.

Have a listen to Slander’s newest single, “Love Is Gone” and it’s accompanying music video right down below.

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