Apashe’s New EP, ‘The Good, The Bad & The Fake’

An energizing sound pushing the boundaries of what is possible for electronic music 

Now you might be asking who is Apashe and what, ‘The Good, The Bad & The Fake’ is?  Well good news, Apashe is a  21-year-old electronic producer and D.J. known for his Breakcore and eventually moving onto Trap, Dubstep, Electro, and Neuro funk. Eventually being signed by Kannibalen records in 2008, he has been praised for his creative live experience and sound design. His most recent accolade is the release of his brand new EP, ‘The Good The Bad & The Fake. Available below:

Good News

Good News: firstly the song opens with these high impact drums followed by a wonderful background rise that slowly comes to fruition. Infusing elements of orchestral music, creating a soundscape of
epic proportions, the pieces compliment each
other exceedingly well. Creating a melodic track to open the EP strong.

Bad News 

Bad News: building from ‘Good News’, Bad News from the first seconds creates impending doom. The drop could give shivers to even the hardest Dubstep veteran.  This combination of Trap and Riddim spiced with piano is truly original. this will become a staple of Apashe sets in the future and a baseline to expand his unique sounds.

Fake News

Fake news: This song gives me Jauz vibes like you wouldn’t believe and proves Apashe’s diverse range in production. Something I believe all music should do: make you want to get up and move. The addition of Grandbuda dose a great job in this respect with his vocals doubling as a resonating message.

In conclusion, uniqueness is the most important way to describe this EP.  Apashe shines here. Introducing pianos, big horns, orchestra sounds, beautifully illustrate The 19st-century classical composer turned DJ.  The full EP is available on all streaming platforms and these linked below:

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