Shadient’s Future Sounding EP, ‘Divide’ On Gud Vibrations

13 minutes of bass slamming, heart-pounding beats. From the newest member of the Gud Vibrations team Morgan aka Shadient. If you like 1788-L Shadient is his weird bass brother. Shadient has been around for a bit, first gaining fame for a remix of Fellow Feeling back in 2015 or his original work on Mat Zo’s label Mad Zoo. However you know Shadient his EP is out and here is a rundown of it called, “Divide”.


This EP has strong builds into heavy robotic drops. The bass feels electrifying, EXACTLY how Gud Vibrations structures their songs. It creates this great mix of deep bass that could shake you to your core not to mention, the sound of robots fighting to the death. But it’s not done yet as Shadient morphs his song into a melodic beat and ends with a solum feeling as rain slowly sets in setting the tone for Medination.


Building…..building……and building off Cyclone, Medination smacks you with a heart-pounding beat, calling it nasty would be an understatement. The elements of this song fuse and the inclusion of the clocks gives a wholesome yet amazing design contrasted by the futuristic noises sprinkled as ear candy.

Numbers Station 

Medination had a long build but number station blows it out of the water. this song requires a listen. Its unique and very polished. I can definitely see this being snuck into sets.


Rounding out the Shadient’s EP we have Abberate. Its flair combines elements from Shadients previous songs to wrap up Divide nicely. 

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