Thinking About You by R3HAB + Winona Oak

Cover Art for “Thinking About You” by R3HAB and Winona Oak.

If you’ve listened to enough of R3HAB’s music you’d know by now that he has impeccable taste when it comes to sound. The variety in his music is always shaken-whether that’s by a featured artist he has sing on the track or simply the melody. EITHER WAY I’M A BIG FAN.. Coincidentally not only of R3HAB, but also Winona Oak.  Here’s the gist on both artists…


Moroccan DJ and producer R3HAB is known for his music through Electro and progressive house. His sound definitely varies as I mentioned above-he’s worked with artists such as ARIZONA, Felix Cartel and Krewella to name a few. His music career began back in 2007 with his track of “Mrkrstft” which was later remixed by another prominent DJ, Hardwell. Ironically they’re both from Breda which is a city on the southern side of The Netherlands. The remix stemmed from a connection of Dutch DJs which fueled his career. R3HAB was mentally prepared for the idea that there would be people who might not like his music, in which case he had a backup plan to progress himself into the corporate world through business education. Even though he didn’t push himself into a world of 9-5’s, the skills he carried helped enhance his music career immensely. We fast forward to 2017 where his first LP, Trouble, gained over 500 million streams which of course contributed to his placement on Billboard’s Top 100 Dance/Electronic charts. Over the last few years, R3HAB has brought in a pop-driven sound to his music which is still relevant in his latest releases. 

“Lullaby” by R3HAB + Mike Williams.

Winona was born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden on a small crop of land called Sollerön-otherwise known as The Island of the Sun. Human interactions were minimal in her home town and she spent much of her time around animals, chasing any sort of creative expression she could grasp. This included writing, poetry and music. As Winona grew older, she made the big move to Stockholm and decided to go on a retreat in the Nicaraguan Jungle where she connected with What So Not. This establishment led to Winona co-writing What So Not’s 2017 and 2018 singles, “Better”, “Stuck In Orbit” and “Beautiful”. She went on as a signed and published artist while working with major artists like The Chainsmokers and Robin Schulz. Her music became a hit with her release of “He Don’t Love Me” which came out this year. I remember specifically coming across this track on Apple Music several months ago and being blown away by the incredible power and energy Winona carried in her voice. Needless to say it was on repeat for days-so you get the idea… Winona Oak is what the EDM scene needed this year. 

“He Don’t Love Me” by Winona Oak. 

Make sure to keep up with Winona Oak and R3HAB on social media. Follow Winona @winonaoak on IG and Twitter. Follow R3HAB @r3hab on IG and Twitter. You can watch the music video for “Thinking About You” below…

“Thinking About You” by R3HAB + WINONA OAK.

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