Skyler Madison Debuts Powerful Future Trap Single ‘’Phoenix” (feat. GLNNA) on Monstercat

The Toronto-based artist and producer Skyler Madison has recently released her debut single Phoenix (feat. GLNNA) on Monstercat.

The Meaning behind the Song 

The song is a well-crafted trap track, featuring the vocals of GLNNA, who also co-wrote the song. Moreover, this single was inspired by the struggle to overcome depression and anxiety, which are topics that are often difficult for people to discuss openly. Whereas, “Phoenix”  was written in honor of all those who have experienced these struggles and emerged stronger afterward.

The Journey of Skyler Madison

It is no secret that Skyler Madison has been a fan of GLNNA since the beginning. As a member of the NEST HQ, she has had the chance to see her grow from a new artist into one of his favorite artists to work with.

In the music industry, it’s critical yet imperative to have a unique sound. And this is especially true for “trap” music producers. Today, most producers use the same sounds and techniques to create their beats. It’s rare that you hear a track that stands out from the rest.

Moreover, Skyler Madison is an exceptional trap artist who portrayed her real life struggles metaphorically under the title of Phoenix. The song is unique because of its beat and lyrics. With four minutes of catchy lyrics and an upbeat instrumental track, this song will make you want to listen to this on-repeat.

About Phoenix 

“PHOENIX” is a bird that awakes from his own ashes and thus this song delivers a much-needed message. That any one can stand up tall after bearing the intolerable hardships of life. That is why this song has the potential to go viral, and it is predicted that it will be lighting up the charts in no time at all. Because it’s catchy, uplifting, and based on everything we feel about failure and life, it’s going to be huge!

Skyler Madison has been making waves in the music industry for quite some time now, but “PHOENIX” is going to be her  breakout moment. She has every element needed to make an excellent trap song, but she also knows how to make something catchy and easy with the essence of her own feelings. Here’s the link to the song: