Au5 Unveils Masterful Melodic Bass Single ‘’Awaken’’ (feat. NOHC) On Monstercat

The melodic bass artist, Au5, is finally back with a new single. He has unveiled his new single “Awaken” via Monstercat. The track features vocals from NOHC. is full of emotional “intelligent dance music.” The song itself is a melodic bass single with emotional vocals.

Moreover, the track starts off as a lovely ambient melody that builds into an epic and complex soundscape. Also, the song features NOHC who provides vocals to the track that harmonize beautifully with Au5’s harmonic chords and melodies.

About Au5

Au5 is a Canadian electronic music producer. He was born in Toronto back in 1995. He started making music at the age of 15. Back then, he became interested in music so he could blend different genres together and create something new. Soon after, his goal was to be able to create music that had its own sound rather than being so derivative of what everyone else was doing at the time.

Not surprisingly, Au5 has always had an ear for music. He started out his musical journey in 2008. From the very beginning, he would often tell people that one day he’ll make his living making beats. It’s safe to say that since then he has stuck to his plan, and is well on his way to success with a rapidly growing following.

His Latest Release

His latest release titled ”Awaken” comes in the form of a single featuring NOHC, and brings forth some of his best work yet. The song contains heavy bass lines, intricate piano melodies, and beautiful vocals- all woven together with an incredible sense.

Au5 has a unique approach to music and life. He has been captivating listeners with his melodic soundscapes and bass-driven beats. From humble roots of bedroom producer to touring DJ, Au5’s story is one that will inspire many aspiring producers to follow their passion in the scene.

The Monstercat team recently had the chance to sit down with him at SONAR Festival in Baltimore for an interview. They covered topics ranging from his upcoming release ”Awaken” (featuring NOHC), performing live, future collaborations, getting into the scene, and much more.

About Awaken

Awaken is an emotional tale of love and redemption. It features a stunningly beautiful melody, enthralling vocals, and hard-hitting bass. The single itself is about an individual who wakes up from a coma to find himself in a hospital bed after the individual was involved in an accident. 

The story takes place over three stages – sleep, coma, and awakening – as the person takes off their headband to discover themselves healed by the time they wake up from their coma with no memory of what happened.

Here’s the video for your ease of watching: