Nick Newhouse, Mat Zo’s New Signee, Unveils Melodious EP

Nick Newhouse is a 25-year-old artist from the UK who makes his debut with spellbinding double-single Even Heat/ Overfalls. The new EP is out now on Mad Zoo. Mat Zo, the prolific British progressive house DJ and producer, has signed new talent to his prestigious label.

 The new signee, Nick Newhouse (a.k.a. Prog), is a promising young artist who has just released his first EP on the imprint under the guise of “Prog.”

Furthermore, Nick Newhouse, even as a child, considered music as his passion. He started to produce and write his songs at the age of 16. A couple of years down the line, he already started to release tracks and remixes on various labels and was touring the world as a DJ.

In the latest offering with Mad Zoo Records, Nick Newhouse presents an uncanny mix of love-hate relationships. Which he showed with New York and its inhabitants in the form of the cast of characters. His EP featuring Even Heat / Overfalls dropped on October 8. 

Without a doubt, Even Heat is a slightly more aggressive single track. As it features Nick ripping up the track while The Mat Zo, plucks away on the guitar. It’s an eclectic mix of hip hop and rock, which proves why Nick Newhouse is a highly regarded producer in today’s music industry.

Whereas, ‘‘Overfalls,” his second single debut with Mat Zo, entices its listeners with its lyrics. Because it’s the sequel of the narrative that Nick Newhouse has had portrayed in his former single-debut, Even Heat. Mad Zo released dark, gloomy, and sad music; additionally, it has also tried its luck in soft and melodious music. This is where Nick Newhouse has set his path in this EP debut.

Above all, in these songs, Nick gives his listeners a way of catharsis and comfort through his relatable music. Moreover, it is said that when Mad Zo had received the demo by Nick Newhouse, he also received a note with it. In the note, he wrote that he had created this music for you to dance underwater.

Nevertheless, with relatable and enticing lyrics of his double-single track, Nick additionally worked on the visualization of the video. He projected his singles in the form of an animated video and worked closely with a team of artists to make his vision a reality. Here’s the video for you to see all the hard work they’ve put in: