Non-Profit Music Festival Announces Lineup Of M3F 2022 In Phoenix, Arizona

The organizers of the non-profit music festival, M3F,  have announced their return to downtown Phoenix in 2022. M3F 2022 has been running for many years. Also, it has featured artists from all genres, performing at venues all around town. Moreover, this nonprofit organization has been making a splash for years with its lineups, but their success doesn’t stop there.

About the Festival

The festival has over 1 million people attending the festival every year. They have created a way to get donations from their users without putting any pressure on them. For this purpose, they have also partnered with several brands. This helps them expand their reach and get more exposure.

Furthermore, not only are they creating an experience for concertgoers. But they are also making it easy for companies to join the venture.

Charity through Profits

Since its initiation, M3F, has raised 3.2 million dollars for donation. Every year, 100% of their raised money goes to charity. As the primary aim of this festival is just to raise money for donation, they never went astray of their goal. Therefore, all of their money goes to the Music Therapy program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to the Northern Arizona Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

The Legacy

Each year to entice their audience, M3F hosts a lineup of talented performers, producers and DJs from all over the world. Expectedly, this year they have booked more than 20 artists so far. The event will be on March 4-5, 2022 at Margaret T Hance Park in Phoenix. M3F is excited to announce that they are already on their way to book an incredible lineup for this year’s festival!

All the hype created for this festival is just because, M3F is going to host a profusion of artists. From all genres of music such as, the famous Grammy-nominated electronic singer and producer Steven ZHU, the American born singer Leon Bridges, the British-origin electronic music project Jungle, the Haitian-Canadian record producer Kaytranada, the American multi-hyphenate jam band Spafford, the renowned singer-rapper Bryce Vine and the most awaited electro-pop band ARIZONA.

Other Goals

Although M3F 2022 is a music festival, it has been into many things other than just producing music, such as, their focus on environmental pollution. Also, more than 80% of the waste goes for recycling during their festival every year.

Other Things to Look Forward to

The other most awaited part of their festival is the scrumptious food and beverages they offer. The aesthetics of the art installations being the cherry on the top. Moreover, the programming details of this festival are to be announced soon as per sources.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to feel the enriching experience of this festival, then here’s the link for you to watch: