DIRTYBIRD Releases Campout Compilation Ahead Of DIRTYBIRD Campout West

DIRTYBIRD has released the first compilation of its new series of compilation albums, titled Campout. The label will release a new compilation every year, and this will be connected to the annual DIRTYBIRD Campout festival. This year’s edition was released ahead of the Campout West which takes place in October.

West Coast Version

As we know, Campout is an East Coast music festival that Dirtybird crew host. The festival has been going on for years. Recently, they announced a west coast version of their event. Not surprisingly, people are more than excited to experience this much-hyped festival.

Moreover, the album features tracks from artists on DIRTYBIRD Records, including Claude VonStroke, Harry Romero, Ardalan, Arnold & Lane, Black V Neck & Krazysucio, Cour T., E.R.N.E.S.T.O, Dipzy and Teknicoz & JYNX. Furthermore, the album also includes collaborations between members of the label including.

The Compilation

The compilation features a track from each artist on the bill, including selections from Claude VonStroke and her much awaited collaboration with Harry Romero. Being a Jersey born producer, DJ Harry Romero has produced heavyweight and alluring soundtracks. 

DJ Harry Romero has 20+ years of experience of producing incredible music. His eyes are now on his second release on DIRTYBIRD. Followed by a remix of Scavazza’s “Shaking Your Hearts’.

They released a compilation album, a few weeks before the big concert, with all artists that will be performing at the event. They created an interactive experience, instead of creating a simple Google doc or PDF file. This lets listeners explore each artist’s discography. Also, it allows the listeners to listen to them play live on SoundCloud.

The Legacy of DIRTYBIRD

Undoubtedly, DIRTYBIRD has been a force in dance music for the past decade. The label was founded by Claude VonStroke. It releases high-quality house and techno music that appeals to both underground and mainstream audiences.

Moreoever, it’s also known for its infamous Campout festival. 
Campout festival takes place every year in California, where there are luxurious bathrooms, showers, comfy beds. Fresh ice delivery every morning at your services and much more. That is one of the main reasons for DIRTYBIRD being the most awaited festival of the town.

 You can check it out on the given link: https://www.dirtybirdcampout.com/west/