Shaky Beats: Tips and Tricks For Having The Best Time

Shaky Beats is around the corner and you already planned out your entire weekend that’s going to be your much anticipated getaway with the headliners like Martin Garrix, What So Not, Big Gigantic, Rufus du Sol and many more. If you’re thinking that it doesn’t involve much preparation, you might be wrong! Just because it lasts for just 2 short (but amazing!) days it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the most essential festival tips and tricks.

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Georgia seems all warm and nice in May, but trust me you do want to bring some warm clothes. The weather here is so unpredictable, one day it could be unbearable exhausting 100 degrees, that would trick you into believing that’s how all the weekend should be. But that’s not necessarily the case. It could drop to 60 degrees overnight easily or it could rain out of nowhere or even better all of the above can happen in one day! Georgia is extremely bipolar so brace yourself and come prepared. Pack some clothes for a rainy, cold weather as well as some essentials like sunscreen, shades and hats for a hot day.

Next I need to give an honorable mention to a pollen season in Georgia. If you are allergic to all kinds of flower/tree blooms and all the other weird stuff that can be found in the summer air- bring some allergy medicine! Even if you’re not allergic- still bring it. Pollen in Georgia is considered to be a separate season, I’m not kidding. It’s right in between “Third Winter” and “Actual Spring”. Central Park is surrounded by the trees so it’s always better to tackle the allergy before you become a groggy swollen ball of hate (I’ve been there before).

Some people also tend to neglect the importance of the face masks, especially in the conditions that you are about to experience. Central Park is super dusty, so protecting your face would be an essential thing to do in order to fully enjoy the experience. I would also recommend to grab one of those Boom inhalers, your nose will thank you after a long day of dancing and headbanging under the scorching sun and heat in a vortex of dust and sweat. Eye protection is very important as well, don’t forget your sunglasses! Get the cheap ones rather than expensive Ray Bans, like any other festival there is always a chance that they could get lost.

Courtesy: Shaky Beats

I can’t stress enough about staying hydrated. Make sure that you bring your hydration pack that has seen some good times or a brand new shiny glittery one that you want to show off so bad (just make sure it’s a good one and not some cheap knock off that could rip apart any minute leaving you devastated for the rest of the fest). Jumping all day long dancing away will make you thirsty and quickly tire your body down. Drink plenty of water but try to stay away from energy drinks, they will make you feel worse in this heat. Share your water with a stranger in need and you most likely will find a new rave friend for life!

I know you are eager to rage from dusk till dawn and probably sitting at work dreaming about the upcoming fest. Once you’re there and have your schedule ready, you might find yourself totally forgetting to eat a meal. Do not do that to your body! Shaky Beats always makes its fans happy with an outstanding variety of food vendors starting from an absolute favorite Island Noodles (don’t miss on them, it’s the best festival food you could find), Wonton Tacos and Vegan options like The Beat Box, finishing with the vendors for those who have a sweet tooth: Pie Daddy, Wheelies Tiny Donuts and Atlanta famous King of Pops popsicles (try their Cookies ‘n Cream and Chocolate Sea Salt, it’s heavenly).

Courtesy: Shaky Beats

And to conclude all of the above my most important advice- Be Nice! These festivals are about spreading positive vibes and meeting new friends. Always say excuse me and thank you when getting through the crowd- simple manners wouldn’t hurt anyone. Help others if they are in need, leave your judgements at home and just enjoy. 9 Days till you’re back in your element where you can savor the music and be anyone you want to be!

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