Diplo Joins With Vocalist Tove Lo For An Eclectic New Sound

Diplo is known as many things within our global industry. One of his fortes though is indefinitely, being on the front lines of trends in music. And in his newest single with vocalist Tove Lo, we hear just that.

Associated with a plethora of musical styles, Diplo is in the truest sense, an eclectic producer. His range is truly amazing, and can be seen as a fighting factor in why he is of the most influential in music.

It was a true blessing to turn on this collaboration for the first time between Tove Lo & Diplo because it was a sound not widely associated to the producer and DJ Diplo. Right out of the gate, a four-to-the-floor kick & hat riff starts us off, but it’s not long before things get interesting. Just a few bars in, we welcome a very gritty, industrial and deep synth that reminds me very much of Tchami’s ‘Adieu’. Toppled with screeching, but discreet, samples in the distance on the back beat and Tove Lo vocals – this track is filled in quite possible every faucet of the spectrum.

It’s hard to tell what the motive here is? Released seemingly out of the blue, with no hype, who’s to know if this is a turn in direction for Diplo, or him just being him and experimenting/ being a producer.

Have a listen down below to this collaboration, that’s been on constant repeat since it’s release, between Diplo and Tove Lo right here:

Regardless if this is a turn of fate, an experimental collaboration to keep it fresh, or just a one off to troll around – it’s an exciting track. It’s exciting because we’re being reintroduced to Tove Lo that hasn’t been in recent news, and a sound from Diplo we don’t get to experience very frequently.

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