“Love For You”: A Fresh Collab With Sabai And Madalen Duke

There’s a new EDM song on the block, and “Love For You” is a breakup song which heals the soul. Melodic bass trailblazer Sabai returned to Monstercat with singer Madalen Duke to drop this new single, which was released on January 14, 2022. It is available on multiple streaming platforms, but right now you can check it out below.

Sabai originally debuted on Monstercat in 2019 with his remix of Vicetone’s song Feels Like, featuring vocals from LAUR. Known for his eclectic mix of Future Bass and House, this Vancouver based artist infuses all of his productions with raw emotion. With a mix of passionate vocals and powerful chord stacks, “Love For You” showcases Sabai’s ability to weave deeply personal narratives into his music.

Regarding the meaning behind the lyrics, Sabai shares, “We grow and learn a lot but especially from a relationship that didn’t work out.

Madalen Duke also shares a personal connection to this single. She added, “As soon as I heard the song I really connected with the message and the overall writing.  The takeaway for me is that even in a breakup, we learn a lot about ourselves, and this growth gives us resilience and hope for future relationships.”

The lyricism is relatable to those who have been hurt by someone they trusted. Madalen Duke is the perfect accomplice to the song, with compelling vocals that convey the heavy emotions represented in this single. “Love For You” is the first collaboration between Sabai and Madalen Duke, the duo we never knew we needed! With fans loving this single, we can hope to see more of these artists working together in the future.

Sabai recently announced he will be part of the Heavy Glow Tour, alongside some other sick artists. For more information and to buy tickets, you can check out http://www.elephantemusic.com/