R3HAB’S Latest Single: “Party Girl”

Official cover art for R3HAB’S “Party Girl” Remix

I’ve said it over and over again-I’m a big fan of R3hab. However, this time we dive deeper into the world of TikTok. This platform serves many purposes and some would even argue that it essentially replaced Vine-remember that? I’m all for bringing Vine back BUT I understand the hype around TikTok, I will personally need a little more convincing to create an account though, we’ll see. Whether you’re posting a dance to a song or scrolling for a good laugh, you see a recurring theme-music. There have been several artists who’ve blown up from the repetitive use of their song being overlayed on dance challenges which quickly find it’s way to Spotify-SAY HELLO TO THE RISE OF STREAMS. Really, this is an amazing marketing tactic. You create a song just catchy enough to gain the attention of Gen Z and Millennial’s, then distribute it properly and you have yourself a hit. On that note it’s important I point out the songs that are being used aren’t essentially being made FOR TikTok, you should always make music that is true to you and if it happens to catch the attention online, all the merrier. 

Jersey Shore Nicole GIF by Jersey Shore Family Vacation

If you haven’t heard the original version of “Party Girl” by StaySolid Rocky yet, you’re more than likely about to add it to your Spotify playlist. The artist quickly rose to fame when this track went viral on TikTok-of course. I remember hearing the hype about it so I looked it up and added it to my favorites. It wasn’t much later until I found myself listening to it on repeat-shocker. This track will have you singing along in seconds if not bouncing around in your car at a red light. The artist connected with XXXTentacion’s former manager, Solomon Sobande for representation which shortly led to his deal with Columbia Records. StaySolid Rocky recently released a 7 track EP on July 17th which highlights the fan favorite, “Party Girl”. 

“Party Girl” official music video by StaySolid Rocky

You can guarantee an upbeat twist to this ringer with a touch of pop and electronic feel in comparison to R3hab’s other work. The song is supposed to be fun and he does a great job in keeping that theme. I’m just excited that people are taking the initiative to see what they can do with this track! You can listen to the official remix below…

Official Remix for “Party Girl” by R3HAB

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