Autograf’s First EP In Three Years [Live Updates Of Tonight’s Show on Era of EDM IG]

There are too many things to love about Autograf’s latest EP drop, Love & Retrograde. Before diving into the tracks, first of all the EP cover deserves some love because it is beautiful. On Autograf’s social you can get the full experience of little world they’ve created through the cover art. Being the first EP they’ve dropped in three years there is alot to say. 

Autograf’s Mikul Wing, Louis Kha and Jake Carpenter went through a lot in order to get to the point of sharing their five-track EP Love & Retrograde. On Autograf’s Instagram page the group opened up a bit on the struggles they have faced as individuals and as a group. Quoted from their page, “The last 2 years represented the highest and lowest points of our lives both musically and personally … This EP is the result of these hardships and tells our story and how it made us stronger and more optimistic than ever before”. 

You can really feel the love and soul in this EP. The best music comes from relatable experiences that we share as humans. Autograf’s EP is extremely relatable especially to those of us that have followed our passions. As individuals, when we go after what makes us happy it’s often challenging to maintain our stability and focus. There are so many things that we face on a regular basis that pulls us away from our dreams, and it’s a continuous battle to reel yourself back in and keep going. 

Congratulations to Autograf for fighting the good fight and making it through a tough two years, as well as blessing us with an amazing EP that was born out of unfortunate circumstances. 

Test the Waters feat. Wynne

With Wynne on the vocals, Test the Waters is very emotional and down tempo. It feels like you’re being seranaded to. It’s the type of track that makes you want to close your eyes, feel, and vibe out to. Test The Waters is like an embodiment of the stuggles that the group went through. 


Retrograde definitely has its roots in house. You can’t help but start fist bumping and grooving to it. You can picture it in a club. The track has a lot of down tempo, breakbeat, and synthesis. It’s a fun track, with a unique drop and it flows right into Casual Love

Casual Love feat. The Griswolds

The Griswolds got down on Casual Love with Autograf. It has a indie-club feel to it, and kind of reminds us of a Phantogram/Passion Pit/Grouplove track combined into one. It’s fun as hell to bump. On this track they focus on the vocal chop, “lost the feeling” which is something we can all relate to. When you go through a tough time time in your life, loosing feeling is what makes it nearly impossible to stand back up again. With that being said it is still such an uplifting track. Autograf got back up, and crushed it for this hit with The Griswolds

Hold Me Back feat. John Splithoff

Lyrics written by John Splithoff. Hold Me Back feels like it is in the perfect place on this EP. So far Autograph has taken us on a musical journey through their struggles, and this track has a picked-ourselves back up and re-fell in love with music kind of vibe. While listening to this track you can’t help but want to reach out and grab a loved one. This track is filled with happiness, and one could argue is the high point of the EP.

Night Drive

Night Drive is definitely another club track on this EP. It allows the EP to end on a high energy point. This name of this track feels very appropriate because you can totally picture driving down PCH bumping this tune. This may be the last track on this EP, but Autograf has mentioned that these tracks will be part of a longer album.

Autograf is one tour debuting Love & Retrograde now through August. The EP is out now on Alt: Vision Records. Listen to it and check the full list of announced Autograf tour dates below. 

Tonight Autograf will be performing at Bluebird in Reno, Nevada. Our Era of EDM team will be on the scene. If you want a glimpse into what their set will sound like watch our instagram story! Also stay tuned for exclusive content from the show! 

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