Exclusive interview with Rolita Couture- a brand that strives to make all women feel Fabulous in their own skin.

When I first started going to the festivals the first thing that was very appealing to me (other than music of course) was the EDM culture itself. The feeling of acceptance, judgement free zone and all the way around PLUR. My first Kandi was a big deal, mesmerizing unimaginable outfits amazed me so much making me wanna learn more about this awesome culture. 

After a few years of a full immersion into EDM I discovered so many amazing artists, influencers and collaborators including clothing brands that promote PLUR on a whole other level. These companies not only create amazing pieces  that make any girl look gorgeous, but also promote body positivity, which sure is a part of a PLUR culture.

I happened to talk to an owner of Rolita Couture, Rosa. In this exclusive interview Rosa shares with us how it all started for her, where she gets the inspiration from and why body positivity and love yourself motto are so important in the EDM scene. 

Courtesy: Rolita Couture

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do and how it all started for you?

My name is Rosa. I was born in Panama and I’m 33 years old. I started Rolita Couture 5 years ago with the help of my husband. I started making rave and dance costumes but now I specialize in festival fashion. There were many reasons why I started Rolita Couture, I was a housekeeper at a hospital. I studied to be a nursing assistant, applied 40 times to get at least an interview but that never happened. I wanted to change my future so one day my husband brought the idea to me to start selling rave bras, but I didn’t have the time to start a business because I was in school studying coding but then one day, my dad got sick and all I could help him with was with $700 and I felt bad for that because the surgery he needed was $2000 plus the doctor visits and medicine, so I thought again on what my husband told me about selling rave bras, so I started there. I opened my Etsy shop with $300 in my bank account, I started buying supplies, got some custom orders and started growing. Since then, I haven’t stopped working hard.

Courtesy: Rolita Couture

You have all these amazing vibrant designs, what inspired you to create those?

My customers and followers inspire me all the time. They tell me what color and styles they want to see next and I start brainstorming. Also, the fabric store inspires me, seeing all those beautiful fabrics that I want to work with makes my brain exploit.

What is your favorite collection so far?

The Glam Warrior Collection is my favorite so far. It’s inspired by the woman who loves to go out, party hard but she will always look good. It doesn’t matter how many hours she has been parting, she still looks like she just started.

Courtesy: @RolitaCouture

What is the mission of your brand?

To show the world that all women are beautiful and that we come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I strive to make all women feel Fabulous in their own skin and to be proud of who they are. It is time to change the stereotype of a “perfect woman” because the truth is we are all beautiful. It’s time to turn up the love and support one another because you sparkle the most when you are you.

You are constantly promoting body positivity and exercise the EDM Culture’s Motto- PLUR. Do you think more brands should do the same?

Absolutely, we are in 2019 and we have learned through the years that there isn’t just one type of woman, there are many. We all come in different sizes and shapes and we have to welcome everyone, we have to make every woman feel beautiful. All brands need to start accepting women the way they are and making clothes that fit them properly because they are the ones who are gonna help them to keep their business alive. Without these beautiful women we are nobody, they are the ones who inspired us to create.

Courtesy: Rolita Couture

What do you think about an image of “ideal model” that companies like Victoria Secret show us?

I don’t think there is an “ideal model”. I completely disagree with VS standards. Like I mentioned before we are all different, we have a different type of beauty that makes everyone of us special. Instead of looking for just one type of body, we have to open our mind and see what the world has to offer.

Does your husband help you to create the designs?

Yes, he does and he has a good eye to choose fabrics. I show him the designs I want to make and between both of us we choose the ones we are gonna put in a collection. He works on a new collection with me from start to finish, from choosing the fabric and designs to making the samples and production.

Courtesy: Rolita Couture

Is there a brand/follower/fan that you would love to collab with?

I would like to do a collab line with the Rolita Rebels, they are fabulous and full of ideas.

What is your favorite festival and why?

I haven’t been able to go to different festivals but EDC is my home. I went to my first EDC in 2013 and I have only missed it once.

What’s in store for Rolita Couture for the rest of 2019?

Right now as I write this, I’m working on my next collection that I hope everyone likes and also I’m working on something that I have dreamed of.

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