Northern California Promoter National Entity Announces 2nd Installment Of Audio Sunset Festival

In full swing of festival season, on god have I and The Era Of EDM Team been, and plan on being in attendance of a select few world renowned festivals throughout the rest of the season. But for us lucky Northern California residents, there is quite the prodigious festival experience lurking right here in our back yard. National Entity Audio Sunset!

In the outskirts of Sacramento, the 916 area codes premiere promoter group National Entity, is announcing its 2nd annual Audio Sunset Festival. Following their start as a production company, providing lighting, sound, stage and other production elements, the team moved laterally into small venue EDM shows. Over the years, this team has progressed their live shows throughout each and every occurrence. And although the shows have grown bigger and bigger, National Entity has always kept up with times in ensuring their lineups are inviting. And I can tell you first hand that their per show rosters seem to challenge the predecessor each and every time. From renowned artists, to those on the rise, and paying homage to local talent, offering a scintillating lineup is of the remarkable traits National Entity possesses and propagates to our Electronic Dance Music Community.

I’ve (we’ve) followed them for years as their market share in indoor live shows has steadily increased. Playing in clubs throughout Sacramento County in varying frequencies, National Entity has a bead on putting on events. But in 2018, the illustrious promoter group took a very big leap that paid off in a number of ways.

June 6th, 2018


National Entity’s first post on Instagram announcing Audio Sunset Festival (June 6th, 2018)

2018 was the year they announced their first ever outdoor show and festival. Two stages, vendors, food trucks and art installments. It was a legitimate festival to say the least.

Fast forwarding, not long ago was the news dropped on us this year that we could expect another year of Audio Sunset Festival. And early in the reveal, it is apparent we can expect a much bigger and finited rendition than last year’s introductory.

August 7th, 2019

“We are planning something HUGE.. bigger than we have ever done before.”

National Entity’s announcement of 2019 Audio Sunset Festival & experience reveal

Right off the bat, huge advancements and changes are noticeable.

– a 3rd stage

– additional art & activities

– full blown food court

– foam and bubble pit (for real)

– bar

– trees and shade

Right off the top, if we were to repeat last year, the first thing we’d ask is for the trees and shade. Sacramento gets hot and we felt the heat. So with that in mind it’s already looking up. Now it was a big space last year, so I’m assuming this will be even bigger to allow for the food court/ bar and a 3rd stage. And with that increased spatial allotment, there has to come more attendance. And who could possibly scan that flier and not help but notice the tid-bit on live aerialists and even more so interactive – foam & bubble pit? I’m sure a second camera hand will be required, just to stand on guard of the foam and bubble pit to capture all the great moments for our event coverage.

The biggest news came early August as this above flier was dropped, then the following day a tease of the lineup was released:

August 8th, 2019

“I think this October is going to be a good one. @nationalentity presents your #ASF PHASE 1 LINEUP.”

Tickets now are on sale but will increase the closer we get to the festival. GA and VIP are available for the event. Some perks of VIP, for those considering include: main stage VIP area & viewing platform, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and meal, lounge, exclusive restrooms, custom National Entity swag.

Now as time continues to tick and anticipation begins to build, all ardent ravers may need a pit-stop before the main event. Luckily, our friends at National Entity have the remedy for any pre-show lull with the official Audio Sunset Preparty.

Stay in the know by joining the official Facebook event pages for Audio Sunset and the preparty.

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