Kx5 : The Best Of Both Worlds

A new dynamic duo has entered the chat, and they go by the name of Kx5. Revered house DJs Kaskade and deadmau5 have joined forces to bring some serious heat to the music world. These artists recently announced their integrated alias as Kx5, in addition to teasing a new single dropping on March 11. “Escape” will give fans a taste of what the future holds for Kx5.

This duo didn’t form entirely out of the blue, as this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these artists working together. When performing at Sofi Stadium in July 2021, Kaskade brought out deadmau5 as the surprise guest artist, where they put on a legendary performance of their timeless hit from 2008 “I Remember”. No one knows what exactly is to come from Kx5, but Kaskade has dropped some juicy details on his Instagram livestreams. So far, fans have gathered that these two have at least four tracks in the works, and plan to appear at some shows, starting with EDC 2022 in Las Vegas. With the triumph that’s come from their past collaborations, the future looks bright for Kx5 and everyone is eagerly waiting to see what they will dream up next. 

Kaskade and deadmau5 At Sofi Stadium

Each member of Kx5 has created their own legacy through their music. Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) has been in the game since 2001 when he released his first single, “What I Say“. From there he has steadily released a plethora of hits, and collaborated with artists like Neon Trees, Skrillex, and Galantis. Kaskade is known for his range in house music, and often plays Redux sets of his own music to celebrate where he started. We can catch him at some imminent festivals of 2022, like Body Language and Thunder Beats.

deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) has earned a steady following through his expansion in progressive house music, and some of his additional beats can be found through his alias Testpilot. Similar to Kaskade, he has an endless discography with music dating back to 1998. Somehow these two artists have managed to keep up with the times and provide fresh music to the constantly changing world of electronic dance music. This union has been a long time coming, and Kaskade shared, “When we first collaborated, I mean, that moment in time wouldn’t have allowed us to do something like this. I don’t know… everyone in the entire world was just discovering electronic music. Both Joel and I had our own agendas and we were, I mean, I was barely surviving 15 years ago. Trying to do [this] back then that would’ve been an impossibility.”

March 11 will bring the first Kx5 single to fruition, and all we can do now is wait for more news surrounding this pair to be released. Kx5 is on Instagram and Twitter, and if you follow them you’re bound to catch some sneak peeks of what is in the works. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s sure to be something great.