“Love // Chaos” Adventure Club Drops Sophomore Album

Adventure Club has released their second album, Love // Chaos. This album consists of 25 tracks, many of which were steadily released as singles before the drop of the full-length production. With a variety of features from unique artists like Krewella, Dia Frampton, and Dayseeker, Adventure Club has composed an encompassing album which is definitely worth a thorough listen.

Leighton James and Christian Srigley

Adventure Club formed when this duo were in high school, beginning as a hardcore pop-punk band. They ventured into the world of EDM through the creation of a dubstep remix of the song Daisy by the rock band Brand New. When their remix rose in popularity, they started producing more EDM songs, which brings us the dyad we know today. Notably, their club remix of Kehlani’s Undercover scored them a Grammy nomination in 2018 for “Best Remixed Recording”. They have a surplus of tracks to check out, but some of their most popular songs include Gold and Crash 2.0. Adventure Club’s music is heavily influenced by artists like Tiësto, Bring Me the Horizon, Flux Pavilion, and Skrillex. As they’ve experimented with their style over many years, each era of singles brings a different sound and feel to those listening. This is Adventure Club’s sophomore album, filling a long gap after their inaugural album release Red // Blue in 2016. 

Adventure Club took on their Death Glory tour in 2019, and brought guest artists like Sullivan King and Riot Ten along for the ride. They made their first appearance at the Ultra Music Festival 2013 in Miami and also played at the Ultra Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea in 2013. If you’re vibing with the new album, Adventure Club recently announced the Love//Chaos tour, which will take place over the span of 2022. For those who enjoy their older music, you can expect to hear some throwback mixes at these shows.

If you’re interested in learning more about Adventure Club and what is possibly in the works for them, they are active on the EDM Reddit page and recently posted an “Ask Me Anything” thread where they answered some pressing fan questions. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected and listen away to this long-awaited album!