Getting Slimy with SNAILS


Infamous Dj and Producer SNAILS is set to release his latest EP “World of Slime” on December 18th! Quebec native made sure this EP was anything but ordinary by collaborating with several featured artists including Subtronics, Wooli and Kill the Noise to name a few. World of Slime involves 11 featured artists with a total of 8 tracks… Stretch your necks now because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Why would the hype stop at his EP? SNAILS embarked on his World of Slime Tour last week in Washington! Over 20 cities are going to experience the slime this December with the last stop being in Philly. 

World of Slime Tour Visuals 

The visuals for the World of Slime tour are insane! You’re guaranteed mosh pits for this one. Check out the official SNAILS website for all of the tour dates and ticket links at!

System Overload ft. Virus Syndicate

Check out some of the latest SNAILS releases.. Above is one of his most recent tracks, System Overload. He teamed up with Kompany and Virus Syndicate to produce this hardcore, head banging track. It’s no coincidence that the track name is System Overload… Below are some more releases that will be on the EP!

Front 2 Back by SNAILS and Kill The Noise ft. Sullivan King

Front 2 Back switches it up to give you a rock vibe. The mix between screamo and dubstep would even given you a feel for Kayzo’s sound. 

SNAILCLOPS by SNAILS and Subtronics

Ending the preview to the World of Slime EP with SNAILCLOPS! SNAILS and Subtronics came together to present you this ground breaking, heavy bass track! This single is perfect to put on in the car on the way to the show! To keep up with SNAILS and his World of Slime tour you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @snailmusic!

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