Getting Grimey with WARDOGZ


If you don’t already know… Heavyweight Records is home to the dirtiest bass drops and GRAVEDGR proves that with his most recent release, WARDOGZ. With just short of half a million streams a month, this rising artist will definitely be popping up at more shows and festivals in the future. His musical debut began last Summer at EDC Las Vegas, also including a show at LA’s El Ray Theatre. 


This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s the most intense/in your face drop you’ll hear for a while. I can’t wait to play this one out all next year! It’s going to be a moshing anthem, mark my words. NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE!

GRAVEDGR follows up on his first single from his debut album with WARDOGZ-another dark release as an exclusive preview to his sound. For this release he teamed up with City Morgue, the NYC based hip hop group. I couldn’t think of a better collaboration for this project-GRAVEDGR and City Morgue both embody a dark and sinister sound that provides the structure for a song like WARDOGZ. 

GRAVEDGR even goes as far as to match his dark sound to his look. He’s dressed in all black from head to toe while modeling his signature face mask. You could say his live performances are definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. 

WARDOGZ by GRAVEDGR and City Morgue

After you listen to this release, there is absolutely no need to further explain how grimey these guys got when producing the track. There’s most definitely a special eye that GRAVEDGR embodies in this sinister sound. For fans of $uicide Boy$, Pouya and Scarlxrd this is definitely a song to add to your library. I’m excited to hear his debut album and even more stoked to see where his talent takes him. To keep up with his journey you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @gravedgrmusic. 

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