DJ Snake Drops Huge New Single, “Trust Nobody” Following Viral Video

You’ll remember the video, that hit levels of virality, shared across social networks, where DJ Snake evokes a massive wall of death within his commanded crowd in Paris, France with his newest single, “Trust Nobody”.

Given the song is a gem, the cinematography and pure passion elicited from DJ Snake’s crowd control all tie together with the passionate crowd in proving this is Snake’s next biggest hit, a summer anthem and song we all need given the times.

It’s unsettling feeling intro quickly fades to a repeating lyric that quickly sets the precedent for the song atop a uplifting trance-style lead synth. Following its intro, “Trust Nobody” quickly goes into the proof of its lyrics with a chorus that makes me question the trust I’ve ever instilled in those around me. Dirty grime with melody and bounce.

Here is the official DJ Snake Release of, “Trust Nobody”.

DJSnake’s newest release, “Trust Nobody” official audio

DJ Snake’s latest full length release was his 2019 album, “Carte Blance” featuring tracks including: Taki Taki featuring Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B, Southside with Eptic and others.

The energy in this newest DJ Snake creation is of serious capacity. A capacity he hopefully carries on with and that leads to another full length work such as an EP or album.

With DJ Snake’s release of, “Trust Nobody”, comes a merch line in relation to the newest single. The collection of merch is available for pre-order, as of June 24th, 2020, featuring typography of the track name and single cover art. See below for some of the merch available coming soon. Mark these words, Trust Nobody will become a staple to live DJ sets once we’re able to attend them again.

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