Bassnectar’s Reflective (Part 4) Is Finally Here

We honestly have no words for you except that PEEKABOO tease was not enough of a preview. Lorin hinted at the track at Deja Voom and PEEKABOO strung us along during his set at BUKU. Now, it’s here. What are we talking about? Bassnectar’s newest release, Reflective (Part 4). Known as a “collaborative music project,” Bassnectar collects his fans on a basis of love, peace, and a little bit of bass. His following has done nothing but grow since his mission expanded to more than music, one that focuses mainly on peace, music, and happiness.

Loyal Lorin fans hung onto his release of Reflective (Part 3) in August and admired every wub. Now that Reflective (Part 4) is out now as of April 4 on all platforms, you can check it out here:

As always, he granted his fans with a taste of his many trades. Basshead Sara Naghashian says he gifted us with every kind of Lorin we all love, “Filthnectar, Melodicnectar, Trapnectar, and Drum & Bassnectar.” He spent some time thinking and producing after releasing his previous album. Nine months later, we can see that the variance in it is evident.

Though some fans were getting antsy for an alternative to the Reflective series, Lorin renewed the trust of his tremendous crowd of music lovers by releasing seven tracks that hit the spot.

In addition, this album includes a special treat for those who travel the world to see Bassnectar, anywhere and everywhere. Finally, another song that is only his. “Undercover” is his first song in the Reflective series since Reflective (Part 1), when he released Arps Of Revolución. This bona fide Bassnectar track gives bass fans a breath of fresh air with its mesmerizing back-and-forth tones.

Give me some notable tracks.

Starting out strong, the first track “Irresistible Force,” featuring Hailo gives an uplifting, heavenly feeling. It is said to be about a near-death experience had by Bassnectar himself.

Jantsen collaborated in a usual banger with him in “It’s About To Get Hectic” featuring Born I. Born I’s vocals in this song give the perfect vibe for the glitching bass that flows throughout, especially into the second drop. Take a look at these mesmerizing visuals Bassnectar released in accordance with the album on April 4th.

“Dive” featuring RD is exactly that, a dive into the breakbeats of the past that hardcore fans love so much. Lorin’s live productions of this throwback banger will make your hair stand up. If you haven’t seen him live, I recommend you guide yourself to the realms of YouTube.

The sixth track, a remix of Telefon Tel Aviv’s “Sound In A Dark Room” puts speed on the original slower version, giving it an extra space sound to sway to. 

Overall, Bassnectar’s long-awaited release of this mind-altering album is finally here. Each track displays a love for the assorted sectors of bass music. His tribe will continue to scour the world to see his live shows, adding numbers to their answer to the question: “How many times have you seen Bassnectar?” These tracks only add a finishing touch to his seemingly perfected productions. 

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