A bold new EP from Monstercat’s Notaker mixing robotic melodies with Progressive House.

Kicking off the slump day of the week, Notaker drops his new EP. Fresh off the Monstercat label, PATH.FINDERr, mixes Progressive House and Tech sounds for a true spectacle of sound. 

Only In My Dreams:

Notaker starts the EP with a beautiful melodic beat; the inclusion of the piano was a great choice. Giving depth without saying more than a sentence.

Into The Light/(Vip):

By far the darkest song on the EP. However a Yin and Yang of darker tones with an uplifting beat creatively melds with the vocals. Providing an adrenaline filled ride from start utill finish.


Notaker straight out of the gate starts to build this track. What follows is a unique sound. Snaking its way through your ears and rewarding its listener with an out of this world sound. Providing a great deal of personality.

Each Other:

The only vocal oriented song on the EP there was a lot of options for Notaker. Eric Lumiere was definitely the right choice; his voice captures the spirit of the EP perfectly.

The longest Night:

Notaker takes the B.P.M up a notch. “Into the light”. Generating a more dance-friendly tune. Not only having a really great build that in itself changes, but seamlessly capturing the essence of Progressive House with his glare.

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