That’s A Wrap, Coachella 2019 [Recap]

Here’s to another two-weekend fest that will never get old. Held at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, Coachella surprised us again this year with some jaw-dropping performances. Of course, there were many surprises in store like every year. Not only did Bassnectar throw down some old tunes and a lasting message, but Aphex Twin gave us unforgettable visuals we will remember forever. 

Billie Eilish and Vince Staples take the stage thirty minutes late and wow the crowd with their first song “&burn.”

Needless to say, there were other genres of music that blew us away. Angsty rap, radio pop, and good vibey hip-hop are only a few of the subgenres that dominated the lineup, making this festival a hodgepodge of talent this year. Kanye had his “Sunday Night Service.” Kid Cudi played “Up, Up, And Away” and spiraled into his 2000s phase. Billie Eilish brought out Vince Staples to perform their song “&burn.” 

The EDM Artist Rundown

There was an exciting air to the electronic crowd at Coachella, especially during weekend one. Here are some of our favorite sets from electronic producers from both weekends: 

  • Dillon Francis hinted at a new track that will be released with his new EP “This Mixtape Is Fire 2” on the Coachella Recap video
  • Aphex Twin played on Saturday and released some psychedelic visuals at Mojave that were sure to put you in a trance
  • Bassnectar once again sent a message with his set, hinting at anti-materialism with his visuals containing Bill Hicks speech followed by his recent release with Peekaboo, “Illusion” feat. Born I

Sets To Remember

Fisher pulled an insane crowd at the Sahara Tent and blew them away when he started his set with mixing “Losing It” by Operator. Look at this hype video of Fisher’s set from Coachella’s Official Youtube. 

Fisher takes the stage at Sahara Tent on the first nights of the festival: April 12, 2019 and April 19, 2019. 

Most importantly, let’s never forget the set Gessaffelstein played. Known occasionally as the Prince of Darkness, he has officially claimed his name by adding Vantablack to his stage at Coachella. This super expensive, fragile, and scarce material was used to cover his entire background. However, the catch is exactly how black it is. It is the blackest and most matte of blacks available to purchase to date. In addition, the color takes away any 3D feature of the object it is painted on. Because of that, it almost resembles a black hole. The Vantablack was sprayed 70 times on the set material to give it the overwhelming vibe Gessaffelstein desired. The huge block that was covered in the black spraypaint was split in two to reveal a center placement for visuals. 

Gesaffelstein opens up with Blast Off by Pharrell Williams. 

Thankfully, the number of EDM acts at Coachella increased from 2018. As a result, all of them were impressive. Though most were not featured on the main stage, like Rufus Du Sol, we can see the future of dance music increasing in Coachella’s future.  

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