“Something To Believe In” by Timmo Hendriks

Timmo Hendriks
Timmo Hendriks

Who doesn’t obsess over an uplifting, progressive love track? Timmo Hendriks does it again since the release of his single “Into The Light” and “Follow You” EP that was released on Nicky Romero’s label, Protocol Recordings. “Something To Believe In” is an energetic tune full of light hearted vocals that will embody all of your favorite festival vibes, making it impossible not to sing a long. Straight from The Netherlands, Timmo is backed by the support of other major artists like Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas and Afrojack to name a few. 

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Timmo did a great job introducing this track with heart strung vocals before releasing the riser to the debut drop. The lyrics carry over well during the entire course of this single with its tasteful mix of instrumental segments and vocal layovers. From a production standpoint, he does a great job pulling in the listener’s attention and having it gravitate throughout the beat. This hoppy love song strays from complication in relation to the meaning as it’s literally found within the track title – “Something To Believe In”. Although it’s up to the independent listener’s power to unearth their own creative interpretations, it’s natural for us to desire deep connections. Diving a little deeper, it’s almost second nature to presume a place exists that can withhold our trust, whether that’s predestined or custom built. Even though this range may be wide, it usually allows us to move about more swiftly and peacefully. It’s easier to go about your day knowing you have something or someone to genuinly invest your faith in than not – am I wrong? Whether that someone is you or another person, that’s a personal poll for you to decipher. Not all messages of hope are identified through materialistic means and people, it can simply just touch the brim of being considered situational. 

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