Another Collaborative Skrillex Release, “Supersonic (My Existence)”

Supersonic (My Existence) - Skrillex - Instagram - The Era Of EDM Magazine

On a roll as of late with collaborative releases, Sonny More (Skrillex) is out with yet another new track, “Supersonic (My Existence)”. This time, in a larger than average size collaboration with the likes of: Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady.

In, “Supersonic (My Existence), the most unprecedented influence is that of both Noisia & Skrillex. Intro-ing in with a somber melody and progressing in intensity as the lyrics continue onward, this new single cuts to a single air-horn before dropping into a very calm, industrially sounding hook.

Throughout are hints of each artists character with subtle elements that could be overlooked if close attention is not paid. But those little addendums are what make this song the goosebump evoking track it is.

Skrillex, who is just fresh off of his release, “Too Bizarre” with Swae Lee & Siiickbrain is seemingly back and in such a fresh way.

It is not the first time that Skrillex & Noisia have worked together. They both were among the founding groups of the decade that blew up EDM here stateside (circa 2010). In a Tweet, Thys Music (a member of Noisia) expressed the same feelings and gratitude towards publishing work together.

Listen to Supersonic (My Existence) here:

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