Sentio From Martin Garrix Brings All The Feels

Martin Garrix has blessed the industry today with the release of his debut club album Sentio. This legendary artist has been steadily releasing songs from Sentio, building anticipation for this groundbreaking drop. Consisting of 11 tracks, this album explores a side of Garrix’s artistry beyond what we’ve seen.

Sentio (2022) Album Cover

Sentio marks a new chapter in Garrix’s legacy. Sentio, meaning to perceive, feel, or experience, is a spot-on title for this emotive album. Showcasing a range of his styles from progressive house to club hitters, this project pays homage to his roots while also venturing into the unknown. Each track is a collaboration, including “Follow” with Zedd, which was the first single released from this project. Other collaborations feature Mesto, Brooks, Vluarr, all artists whom Garrix has cultivated friendships with. 

Martin Garrix is regarded as a innovator within the electronic music scene. Hallmarked as Top DJ for three consecutive years via DJ Mag, this artist is one who has led the scene since his debut in 2012. Some of his most noteworthy songs include “In The Name of Love” and “Animals“. He has joined forces with other creators, and his music often features vocals from top-notch artists like Dua Lipa and Usher. His music has stayed on trend with what’s hot within the community, and Sentio expands his legacy into club music. This album comes at the perfect time, as music festivals are beginning to resurface and people are itching to go out and let loose once again.

When asked about the album, Martin Garrix shared, ‘’The crazy thing is I’ve never released a Garrix album. During COVID I made zero club music because it felt weird to make festival music when there were no shows. When the shows came back I had so much new, revived energy that I made tons of new club music. We’ve decided to release a lot of the tracks in the coming weeks and bundle them into a club album. I feel like people have collected new energy the past two years, and I can’t describe how amazing it feels to be back on tour and seeing everyone’s reactions to all the new music.”

Give Sentio a listen, and imagine jamming out to it at a music festival in the near future. This album is now available on all streaming platforms. Follow Martin Garrix on Instagram to stay in the loop of news surrounding this favored DJ. Maybe you’ll catch a hint of what festival he’ll be popping up at next.