Kage Drops Entrancing Single “Numb”

Dutch house producer Kage has returned to Monstercat to introduce his newest single, “Numb“. This track tackles some heavy feelings, and stands distinct from his recent release “Lights Out“. Recognized for his finesse in bass house music, Kage explores a melodic sound with “Numb”, thus creating a chill track to listen to on repeat. 

“Numb” is inspired by grief and the journey towards acceptance. Through his music, Kage tells the story of someone who has become emotionless and numb to the world around them. He shares, “‘Numb’ crashes down from serene and entrancing sounds into a dark and heavy bass, a ride filled with all that is Kage, designed to make you feel.”

The pulsating bassline, sharp synths, and filtered chords form an alluring soundscape. As the track progresses, the energy shifts as brighter elements join the mix, reflecting the act of emerging from the darkness and into the light. With its industrial and simmering warehouse vibes, “Numb” entrances us, with Kage’s cinematic production stylings leaving listeners wanting more.

Kage joined the scene in 2018, when his release “Mind” garnered attention from top DJs. People fell in love with his unique sound, and he debuted on Monstercat in 2019 with his remix of Rootkit’s song, “Voyage“. Through his diverse repertoire of tracks, this Dutch DJ has attracted a loyal following and gained support from artists like Habstrakt and Martin Garrix. “Numb” marks Kage’s second Monstercat release since April. This budding artist is on a roll, and we can only hope these monthly drops become a regular occurrence. Follow his very aesthetically pleasing Instagram here, and stay tuned for more Monstercat releases.