Porter Robinson: Mirror

Avatar from “Mirror” by Porter Robinson

Bouncing back on the scene with Porter Robinson’s latest installment of “Mirror”, the artist teases his forthcoming project-Nurture. The official music video is finally out and it’s really no shock at the level of creativity Porter involved. 

Official Music Video for “Mirror” by Porter Robinson

To match the theme of his latest releases-we’re emerged in the woods at the start of the video. Before your eyes, appears a hand drawn avatar. Porter uses 2D face tracking technology to map his own facial expressions. “Mirror” has even reached the attention of Billboard-which they described the single as “a dance track with a beating heart and grandiose ambitions”. Even though you may be sitting in front of a screen while viewing the video-it feels like you’re put right in the woods with experiencing the song firsthand. If you’re a fan of Porter Robinson, you’re aware by now of his talented use of soft synths that almost give off a lo-fi vibe. That’s exactly what you hear shy of a minute in before his vocals fade in. Although the music video stays on a loop in the beginning, it makes it easier to focus on the audio while maintaining an appreciation for the artistic values of the video’s direction. Jumping into the songs progression, the beat picks up and you experience “seasons” in the woods. Different scenes of flowers and nightfall slide in and out of the frame. I won’t spoil the whole video for you, but think real life meets virtual reality. 

Photo by Jasmine Safaeian

Porter plastered his name to the industry at the age of 18. North Carolina based producer and songwriter came onto the scene 10 years ago with his electric sound of magnetic drops and waves. More attention sparked when his debut album, Worlds, was released in 2014. His popular use of soothing textures and soft melodies has done the artist well since said debut. His career skyrocketed when he created his own music festival, Oakland’s Second Sky, which launched last year and by no surprise-it sold out. I think it goes without saying that Porter Robinson is definitely on the charts and there’s no turning back for this iconic content creator. 

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