Papa Khan Drops Heated Single “Never Cared”

Breakout colour-bass producer Papa Khan returned to Monstercat yesterday to debut his angsty new single “Never Cared”. This song is both heartfelt and authentic, and showcases Papa Khan’s unique approach to music. The pop-punk-inspired lyrics and aggressive synth stabs are a bitter goodbye to his previous experience with toxic relationships. “Never Cared” is yet another perfect showcase of Papa Khan’s boundless range and bright future. Papa Khan shares, “For those who have been betrayed and hurt, this one is for you.” Cheers to a new song for your breakup playlist!

After bursting onto the scene in 2018, Papa Khan has risen through the ranks, becoming a stand-out artist in the bass community. He made his debut on Monstercat in 2021 with his song The Tide, and “Never Cared” is going down as his second Monstercat release. Papa Khan’s humble beginnings started in Palangkaraya, Indonesia where he was born and raised, influencing his music with a reflection of his turbulent upbringing and native culture.  Staying true to his roots, Papa Khan’s music reaches the audience on a spiritual level with a melodic touch seldom seen in bass music, highlighting his diversity and ability to inspire the thoughts and feelings of the listener. “Never Cared” is a fitting example of the emotional depth Papa Khan brings to his music. For anyone healing through heartbreak right now, this is one of those songs that speaks to your soul in the best way possible.

Papa Khan is steadily carving his way in the bass community, and has earned support from legendary artists such as Marshmello, Skrillex, and Illenium. He will make his North American debut this year as he joins bass producer and DJ Marauda on tour. With new music on the horizon and a year full of shows, Papa Khan is set to have a groundbreaking year. Check him out on Spotify for more heartening tunes, and follow him on Instagram to stay caught up on all things Papa Khan.