Pop-Up Show Brings Fans New Diplo Song

Why make a big deal out of a song release when you can just throw an impromptu rave at a local park? Iconic and trendsetter within the dance community, DJ Diplo used a spontaneous pop up show to promote his newest single featuring singer Miguel, “Don’t Forget My Love.” Posting to his Instagram story that he’ll be playing in LA at a seemingly random appearance appeared like nothing but a publicity stunt. But lucky attendees had the opportunity to hear his newest track “Don’t Forget My Love” without knowing the bigger movement they were a part of that day.

Listen to the new Diplo x Miguel song on Youtube

On February 8, Diplo shared on his Instagram that he was playing a show at Elysian Park in Los Angeles just before he began his set. With a basic setup of a generator and speakers, unsuspecting park-goers had no idea that they were about to witness a new Diplo song drop. Some of the first to show up were a man and his dog, who Diplo enjoyed a game of fetch with while waiting for more people to fill in. Soon enough the park was littered with eager fans, ready to enjoy a night filled with music. One concert goer shared his appreciation of this DJ’s laid back approach to music, “Diplo is so big, and he still does random shows at the beach, just to feel the vibe. When I saw he was at Elysian, I was like, F— what I’m doing, I’m stopping everything and I drove up here.”

No matter the circumstances, fans can count on Diplo to deliver the music. In an attempt to lift spirits during the early months of the pandemic, Diplo announced he would be live streaming DJ sets from his living room. Every week, he posted to his socials with a link to tune in to the COVID concert. Collaborating with his mates from Major Lazer and other DJs, these shows brought a much needed feel of normalcy during crazy times. 

Diplo is a multi-faceted music pro who DJs, produces, and is an accredited songwriter. You’ll all remember his iconic role in Major Lazer, and duo with Skrillex as Jack Ü – a duo Dance Music needed badly for the scene at the time. Internationally, Diplo is known for so much more than his music accolades but regardless of that, he has not forgotten what is most important: the music and the fans. Posting a clip of his new track to Instagram, Diplo shared,

“Miguel asked me how I wanted to promote our new track Don’t Forget My Love. My response. Pop up in a public park with speakers and a few beverages and play it for anyone that shows up. If you couldn’t make that show don’t worry, click the reminder to get notified when it drops. Don’t forget our love for y’all ❤️”

We can hope that Diplo continues surprising fans with pop-up shows, and that we can catch one in the future! Follow him on Instagram, and keep your eyes peeled for his next impromptu song drop.