The Era Of EDM Magazine | October 2017

In The Era Of EDM Magazine October 2017 Issue: Live show coverage of Slushii & Yultron on the first stop of Slushii’s, “The Out Of Light Tour” in San Jose, CA. Halloween is just around the corner, no matter where you live, we’ll help you plan your spooky evening (show announcements around the United States). Also inside, Diplo’s newest production with LA based Hip-hop artist Starrah, a look into, “The Cult Of Rezz” (interview), and further tour announcements.

The Era Of EDM Magazine October 2017 Issue:


The Era Of EDM Magazine October 2017 Issue: Table of Contents

02: A list of Halloween shows from the West Coast, to East Coast, Mid-West and everywhere in between. We’ll show you were to be for Halloween.
07: Diplo produces EP with fresh Hip-hop artist from LA, Starrah
08: Excision’s, “The Paradox” tour of 2018 with Liquid Stranger, Dion Timmer & more.
09: The Cult Of Rezz. A look into the community.
11: Herobust tour announcement
12: Borgeous tour announcement
13: Live coverage of Slushii & Yultron on The Out Of Light Tour in San Jose, CA (September 29th).

The Era Of EDM Magazine October 2017 Synopsis:

From California and Seattle to New York, the Mid-West, Florida and the entire South; wherever you are this Halloween season – we’ll help you plan for the best Halloween party in your area.

Following Diplo’s numerous comments on the flatlining EDM industry, he may end up switching gears aboard another set of musical projects and rolls. His production of Starrah’s Hip-hop EP is something new, fresh and catchy as ever.

Fresh off of his debut music festival, Excision just announces his 2018, “The Paradox” tour hitting major cities all around the United States. Bringing Liquid Stranger and Dion Timmer with him.

“The Cult Of Rezz”. What is it? Who’s apart of it and what does it mean for the scene? We had the chance to interview the founder and some fellow members to get their story. It’s one inspiration community.

Herobust announces exciting new tour spanning Europe, Asia and The United States. What a life. Don’t miss him live.

Borgeous announces dates for his newest tour hitting clubs big and small throughout the United States and Asia with more dates to come.

Slushii kicked off his, “The Out Of Light Tour” at the end of September in San Jose, California. We had the opportunity to cover the show live with supporting act Yultron – and boy was it an amazing show. Diverse lineup, amazing crowd. Peep our live photos in an interactive photo gallery. BONUS: Plan when Slushii will hit your city.

Letter From The Editor:

It’s exciting for us as we enter the Fall season. We’re excited because we love to cover the small, local venue shows that are always up close and personal. It makes for incredible shots. We are also pulsing with joy as plans to continue to expand our magazine are coming to fruition and on the topic of expansion – Fall will be the introduction of our apparel line to be featured inside of our monthly subscription boxes. Want our physical magazine? Get it in our monthly boxes along with a grip of other great additions to redefine your Dance Music lifestyle. Get it here:

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