The Era Of EDM Magazine | March 2019

In The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2019 issue: Live show coverage of National Entity’s, “Big Love” with Dirty Audio, Weznday, Haterade & more! Also inside our March issue, exclusive interview with DJ trio Cash Cash on the road, where we talk about how their sound has evolved, experiences working with various artists among other topics. Celebrate new music from Apashe, a huge EP, and SubDocta. More available in our magazine!


The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2019 Issue: Table of Contents

04: Exclusive show coverage of National Entity’s, “Big Love” with Dirty Audio, Blood Thinnerz, Wenzday, Haterade & more!
08: A look into Apashe’s newest EP where his amazing experimental sound is recharged.
10: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with TRIO Cash Cash where we talk for sometime about every topic under the sun. If you didn’t know Cash Cash before now, you will certainly after our interview.
16: New music from SubDocta, the man behind many Wubs!

Letter From The Editor | The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2019:

This month, we took a considerable break from live shows. For us, and most all others, the response to “why” is that we missed out. We did very much miss out on some great shows. But to the contrary, and a positive note in it all, we were able to consolidate and turn ideals into scheduled action. There are some exciting addendums to The Era Of EDM that this mount allowed us to shed light on. So in theory, we’re a lil’ sad that we missed so many great shows that our friends in Reno and Sacramento put on, but we have made some huge advancements in that time that we’re excited to share with you.

Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

PS: Our monthly subscription box is still up and doing great. New fashion and accessories every month. And with the season change, we are gearing up to introduce our spring & summer looks. Have a look at our boxes here.

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