The Era Of EDM Magazine’s March Issue | March 2018

In The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2018 issue: Your chance at winning a “Surreal” experience at Phoenix Lights in Arizona with Martin Garrix, Chris Lake and GTA. Also inside, a review of Kayzo’s new album and insight on his accompanying “Outbreak Tour”. Plus new music from bass heavy tycoon, Apashe, who brings sounds of a symphony to his “Requiem” EP and Black Tiger Sex Machine, “New Worlds” LP. New tours from Party Thieves, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Quix, Parker Hits, National Entity and festival announcements from Everafter Music Festival and Phoenix Lights. All here, in The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2018.



The Era Of EDM Magazine March 2018 Issue: Table of Contents

04: Try your luck at winning an experience of a lifetime at Phoenix Lights while giving back to this world.
08: Tour dates for Kayzo’s “Outbreak Tour” with special guests Dubloadz, Gammer and JSTJR
11: Canada’s Everafter Music Festival official lineup and location
12: Black Tiger Sex Machine’s brand new LP with massive sounds and an even bigger list of collaborates
13: “The Ceremony” tour brought to you by Black Tiger Sex Machine. Do not miss them on tour with all this new music
14: Apashe’s newest creation, his “Requiem” EP that pulls rich sounds from live instruments that of a symphony
15: Party Thieves “Anarachy Tour” dates
16: Quix’s newest single out on Dim Mak and “Storm” tour dates
18: Parker Hits’ new music and tour
19: National Entities return of “Animalistik” (partial lineup announced)

Letter From The Editor:

We are sincerely excited to announce that our magazine has come to partner Surreal. A West Coast company that gives back to the community while providing amazing experiences between EDM artists and their fans. See page 4 of our March issue for all the details. We are also grateful for all of our new writers that have come on board. We’ve all recently become acclimated and set processes in place that will make our growth, coverage and content furthermore explosive. Enjoy our March issue but remember to check back as starting April, our magazine will take on a new face in terms of diversified content and new features.

As always, thank you for reading. Our magazine will always be free digitally but if you want to take your experience to the next level, they are available in physical print through our monthly EDM lifestyle subscription box. Check that out at:

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