The Era Of EDM Magazine | June 2018

In The Era Of EDM Magazine June 2018 issue: Pre-coverage of Imagine Music Festival including event and venue information, official recap of 2017 and more. Our live show coverage of National Entity’s, “Animalistik” as well as Bass Camp’s, “Spring Breaks” featuring: Dirtyphonics, Vincent, Cazztek and more! Welcome festival season! All the information you’ll need on some of the seasons most promising shows like: Trapfest of Arizona that is making stops in both Tucson & Phoenix with Boombox Cartel, YehMe2, supporting acts and special guests, Bass Camp In The Park & On The Beach with Thomas Jack, Kryoman, Joyzu, Hotel Garuda, and many more, plus LA’s Hard Summer Music Festival. Also inside, our interview with Just A Gent following his performance out East. And so much more! All within The Era Of EDM Magazine’s June 2018 Issue.


The Era Of EDM Magazine June 2018 Issue: Table of Contents

06: Full pre-coverage of Imagine Music Festival. With the event a few months away, we’re beginning our coverage of IMF with venue, event and location information, showcasing their extensive 2017 recap video and more.
10: We had the opportunity to cover National Entity’s “Animalistik”. See all of our pictures from the night.
12: Bass Camp’s “Bass Camp In The Park” featuring Thomas Jack, Hotel Garuda, Kryoman and so many more is right around the corner and is destine to be one of their most memorable shows to date.
14: Live interview with Just A Gent following his performance where we talk everything from his roots, what he’s working on now, Star Wars versus Star Trek, his favorite flavor candy and much more. You can say it’s pretty extensive.
22: Trapfest of Arizona. A show we are highly anticipating as our past experience working with Relentless Beats at Phoenix Lights was a huge success. Touching down in Tucson then Phoenix, Trapfest is bringing Boombox Cartel, YehMe2, some amazing supporting acts and Spag Heddy plus Barely Alive for select dates back-to-back.
26: Hard Summer Music Festival, possibly the most diverse and urban music festival is coming in August with a massive lineup that is sure to bring an amazing experience.
30: Live show coverage of Dirtyphonics, Vincent, Cazztek and more at Bass Camp’s, “Spring Breaks”. Catch all the moments from that crazy night.
32: Our tribute to a legend, Avicii. Let’s explore his beginnings, landmarks and legacy he’s left behind.

Letter From The Editor:

This month, we have major show coverage plans with additional shows in the works. We’ll be in Reno for Bass Camp’s, “Bass Camp In The Park” featuring Thomas Jack, Kryoman and many others. We are also looking forward to another Bass Camp show in early July, Trapfest, put on by Relentless Beats, and of course Imagine Music Festival which is several months away.

In other news, our June subscription box (@eraofedmcrate) seemingly was a huge success. Packed with goodies to follow the theme of “trippy”, they included Kaledescope glasses, our “Altered State” t-shirt and crop top as the big ticket items along with our designed “SKRT” lanyard, loads of Kandi and custom stickers we designed to follow the trippy theme. An unveiling of our June box can be found on socials very soon.

We appreciate all of the support on our magazine and crate as we work every day to change this world and our scene positively. Keep it here for everything EDM. A magazine, subscription box and influence.

View our live pictures of Dirtyphonics, Vincent & Cazztek here.

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