Biicla Releases “I Feel” on Deadbeat Records

Official Cover for “I Feel” by Biicla on Deadbeat Records

Russian multi-instrumentalist, Biicla, is known for his groundbreaking production, singing and songwriting. His hometown, shy of 30,000 people – picked up house elements throughout his music which led him to the US. Biicla’s sound is immersed across the electronic spectrum. There’s a lot of promise from this talented artist and there’s definitely more to experience. 

Re-work of the official “I Feel” cover art by Biicla on Deadbeat Records by Audrey Smoak

The wave of electronic music is incredibly vast today. There’s literally a sound for everyone and Biicla does a great job catering to the subgenres of EDM while maintaining his unique brand. Looking back at past projects like his track “Deeper” and his debut full length EP “No Place” – it’s clear he went into his career with a strong vision. 

Track list for No Place EP by Biicla

“I Feel” has been on top of my most listened to since its release. The production is seamless and takes you on a trip in which the journey is designed by the listener. The intro is soft with a definite sign of house elements before picking up a stemmy melody infused by doses of tasteful synths. Biicla doesn’t waste much time before dropping the track title in the song upon the synth’s debut. The snaps are halted by a grainy riser and mellow vocals that will have you questioning if you could match the same talkative style that these vocals embody. The drop – though not a dirty bass banger – rides the hats of every note that make up the masterpiece. Biicla does a great job using low kicks to break up the unique drops and risers this song has to offer. Since “I Feel” is lyrically pretty simple – it’s easy to focus on the production that Biicla is famously known for. The overall sound reminds me of a circuit. Each tone rides into the next like a wave of messages. If I had to compare this track further – I’d easily present it as an auditory model of our brains, kind of like a dashboard made up of sounds. Whatever the literal meaning may be to you, don’t overthink it. One look at the moody cover art will be enough to send you into a state of euphoria. 

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