CloudNone Uncovers “& Friends” EP

CloudNone is on a roll, and has blessed the industry with the release of his nine-track EP & Friends. This is following the release of the singles “Arms Race” and “Stained Glass“. CloudNone returned to Monstercat this week to launch this EP and introduce his dreamy downtempo single, “Tarantino”. This song hypnotizes listeners as the atmospheric pads, bright synths, and dreamy vocals transport them to an ethereal soundscape. Check it out below, coupled with some trippy visuals to complete the experience.

CloudNone joined the scene just over three years ago, and in that time he has produced a number of hits to bring his musical artistry to fruition. He has rightfully earned support from prevalent artists like Illenium and Alison Wonderland, fueling his momentum for this year as he explores a modernized sound design with a dynamic edge. While & Friends closes out an era of CloudNone’s project, it simultaneously marks an exciting new chapter of what’s to come from the talented producer.

As the title suggests, & Friends brings collaborations with some of CloudNone’s musically inclined buds, piecing together this wonderfully diverse EP. You can catch Direct on a number of songs, as well as Aether, Exist Strategy, and Half an Orange. CloudNone gravitated to these artists in particular, and when asked about & Friends he shared,

“Over the past few years, I gathered a number of collaborations that when placed next to each other felt like they were always meant to exist side by side. I don’t know how it happened. It wasn’t intentional, but it was meant to be.” 

– CloudNone

Riding the high of this exceptional EP, we can expect CloudNone will be showing out on the big stage in the near future. He already has performances at legendary venues such as Red Rocks in Colorado, and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas under his belt. CloudNone is appearing as a trailblazer to the greater electronic music scene, and when looking at his future in music, the sky is the limit.