Candyland Reappears With A Bang

The beloved duo Candyland, consisting of Josie Martin and Ethan Davis, has returned to the music scene following an eight-year hiatus. Their highly anticipated return brings us a brand new single, “Nirvana” which was released on Monstercat. This fresh song highlights Candyland’s refined production style, effortlessly blending dark trap-inspired 808s with vibrant synths and warm chords. Ethan’s powerful range and personal lyricism add a layer of authenticity to the single, sharing a sneak peak of this duo’s evolved sound. 

Candyland has an extensive history that has led them to where they are today. Beginning in 2011 as a staple duo in the Santa Barbara electronic music scene, they quickly branched out and gained popularity through their dynamic remixes and captivating original productions. Their music holds its own through a unique integration of trap, dubstep, and house. In 2014, Ethan Davis departed Candyland, leaving only one. Josie Martin produced several noteworthy songs in the time since then, but 2022 has blessed us with a reunion of this iconic pair. With a fresh perspective driving this next chapter, Candyland is paving a new path, and knockout single “Nirvana” has proven they are here to stay.

This duo is just as excited as us to be making music once again. They shared, “Candyland is back with their first song together in 8 years! This song is really about wanting to feel powerful in the context of a relationship. It plays on vulnerability and the desire for reciprocation after sharing your feelings for someone.”

This relatable song speaks volumes, and showcases the possibilities that can come from Candyland’s return to the music world. Drawing from their Instagram, we can expect a music video for “Nirvana” to be dropping soon. We don’t know what else they have in the works, but it is definitely worth sticking around to find out.