Champagne Drip’s Starman EP is “Stellar” & Spring Tour Dates

Champagne Drip at Audio Sunset Festival. Picture: The Era Of EDM Magazine

Fortunately for us, Champagne Drip’s Starman EP was unveiled at the start of February. Featuring four tracks but a plethora more grooves and drops, this EP is a compliment to his style and something we cannot wait to hear on his Spring tour.

Our first encounter with Champagne Drip, was when he performed at a Audio Sunset Music Festival in Sacramento, California. Put on by Northern California’s favorite promoter group, National Entity, the festival lineup featured names including Bailo, Pegboard Nerds, Keys N Krates and Champagne Drip.

We were covering the festival for an issue of our magazine and I just remember the moments when Champagne Drip went on. Within a few minutes he had already burned the crowd through three songs before fading in, my possibly favorite track from champagne Drip, “Of Course I still Love you”. It was a perfect mixture of outro from the last song and build up of our favorite song before that first drop that quite literally gave me full body chills when it hit.

If you haven’t heard it, there’s no possible way of understanding. The track is linked directly below for you to listen to and get a sense of where we’re going with this article. Check it out right below before continuing!

In a world where upbeat, progressive tone productions can be found in abundance, Champagne Drip delves in the eerie and occasionally unsettling arrangements that makes for such an exciting and fresh perspective on bass music.

There is no sense in trying to label Champagne Drip under any moniker of a music genre just because frankly he is all over the place with hands into a melting pot of influences and sounds. I will however say that the “sound” of Champagne Drip is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. And it’s apparent after scouring his Soundcloud feed upon feeling those bone rattling chills I got after hearing him live for the first time at Audio Sunset Festival.

Champagne Drip’s Starman EP

His productions and sound design grow richer and richer with time like a smart investor in the world of competitive game playing. And as a attestation to that, have a listen to the newest productions released from Champagne Drip.

Spring Tour Dates

Coupled with Champagne Drip’s Starman EP announcement on, we can also anticipate to see Champagne Drip play out all over the continental United States starting now through Spring 2019. Touching down on the East Coast, Mid-west, South and West Coast – there are plenty of opportunities to see him play-out and hear this Starman EP firsthand.

Champagne is joining Liquid Stranger for several dates of his “Infinity Tour” with the likes of: LSDREAM, Lucii & G-REX. Below are tour dates for Champagne including (and indicated with an infinity loop) those he’ll be joining Liquid Stranger for on the “Infinity Tour”.

Tour schedule Champagne Drip Spring 2019

Make sure you keep up with Champagne Drip. Seriously, he will be on lineups everywhere if not this festival season, the following off-season and festival season.

Great music with a new sound and consistency.

Gallery of his performance in Sacramento, CA. PICTURES

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