RIGHT NOW With Felix Cartal

“I’ve always wanted to make a video to help inspire artists who are just getting started. Sometimes it feels like being stuck is something that only happens to you. It’s not true. Everyone feels that way sometimes. This video has been over a year in the making and I’m so proud of it finally coming together. TO EVERY SINGLE ARTIST, CREATOR, OR HUMAN WHO’S EVER BEEN STUCK. THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU” – Felix Cartal. 

Watch Felix Cartal’s motivational video for “RIGHT NOW” here.

Felix’s motivational video for “RIGHT NOW” features over 30 creatives including artists, directors and photographers. His artistic approach behind this video humanizes the music industry and gives us a look at what it takes to devote yourself to a passion. Check out the list of creatives involved in this project below. 

ZEDD, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Galantis, Tokimonsta, K. Flay, GREY, Lights, Chris Lake, SNBRN, 3LAU, Anna Lunoe, Phoebe Ryan, Daniela Andrade, Dada Life, Lexy Pantera, Jauz, Sonreal, Luna Shadows, Milk & Bone, Naderi, Veronica, Frank Walker, REGN, Chet Porter, Sophie Simmons, Ofelia K, STINT, Gabrielle Current, Whipped Cream, Kasey Lum (Video Director), Andy Dixon (visual artist), Emmet Sparling (photographer), Matt Komo (director), Jacob Crawford (director), Gina Shkeda (YouTuber). 

“Right Now” rides us into the last bit of 2019 with an upbeat and energetic melody. Felix incorporates his friends from the industry to spread the message Don’t Wait, Do it Right Now. The meaning behind this is to start investing in yourself and providing the reasons why you can excel in what you’re doing rather than coming up with the excuses of why you can’t. 

Whether you’re hitting the dance floor with some friends or going on a road trip, “Right Now” is the perfect song to put you in the right mood. You can download the single on Spotify and Apple Music, also be sure to check out the motivational video on YouTube. Keep up with Felix Cartal and his journey on Instagram (@felixcartal) and Twitter (@felixcartal). 

Art Cover for “Right Now” by Felix Cartal

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