Porter Robinson is Back

Porter Robinson-“Get Your Wish”

For the die hard Porter Robinson fans-GOOD NEWS-he’s back! After 3 years of writers block he introduces us to his new song “Get Your Wish”. Through synth pads and the electric piano, he shapes our minds to understand what its like to be humanized. 

Diving into his lyrics-Porter alter’s the pitch of his own voice to match the song. The lyrics touch on happiness and the compulsions of society that bring you down. It would be easy to distinguish that Porter is possibly singing about his own journey that initially brought him to such a long break, “That work that stirred your soul, you can make for someone else”. The metaphor of a stirred soul is applicable to the music industry. A lot of artists do certain things for recognition and “clout” that only leaves them to feel empty in the end. Along with this there are producers who put out music that doesn’t make them happy, more so something they think will be the next club hit. I think Porter is trying to explain that whatever you decide to do-do it for yourself and no one else. 

“So tell me when you walked on water, did you get your wish? Floating to the surface, quicker than you sank.” Porter uses the reference of walking on water to resemble how it feels when you find your way back from something rather dreary. I believe this is a reminder that anybody can be in a pit of their own loud thoughts, yet still find a way to find a light. 

“Get Your Wish” official music video by Porter Robinson

As if the song couldn’t get more symbolic-you watch the music video. Porter is literally walking on water in front of moving clouds. The blue hues give off a powerful vibe as he moves about in a dark room with the mic in hand. The black exterior shadows the darkness that’s vulnerable in all of our lives-even while we maintain a pleasant life, it can be easy to get caught up in the crowd that surrounds us. 

As the video goes on, clips flash back and forth of a rainstorm to a big ocean wave symbolizing the personal storm that Porter experienced. About halfway through the song, fireworks abrupt behind him which mingle between the ocean waves and sunset. The explosion of the color contrast makes the viewer feel like they’re actually walking on water. Porter and his team did an amazing job displaying the emotions and vulnerability behind his new track. 

“Get Your Wish” is the lead single to Porter Robinson’s sophomore album Nurture, which will be released in 2020. You can keep up with him on Instagram @porterrobinson and Twitter @porterrobinson. 

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