By Your Side with Timmo Hendriks & Jordan Grace

Cover Art for “By Your Side” by Timmo Hendriks & Jordan Grace

If you’re looking for another song to blare in the car or to just jam out to at home-By Your Side is calling your name! Timmo Hendricks and Jordan Grace have crafted an upbeat, vocal progressive track that will give your house playlist some flare. It’s soaring melodies roll off one another making it almost impossible not to turn the volume up full blast. Check out the track below… 

Listen to “By Your Side” by Timmo Hendriks and Jordan Grace here. 

Baby, I gotta let you know
That tonight is the night
Baby, whatever happens tonight
I’ll be by your side

As each riff explores an energetic pull you begin to think about the lyrics… It’s clear the theme is about love, whether its a love story or finding someone special on a night out. “By Your Side” follows up on his track “Runaway” which was released back in October-you can listen to it below. 

Runaway by Timmo Hendriks

Both songs were released on Protocol Recordings, one of the most innovative labels leaving a house footprint. You can keep up with Timmo Hendriks on social media @Timmo_Hendriks (Twitter) and timmohendriks (Instagram). 

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