Bound To Divide Returns To Monstercat

South African melodic house producer Bound To Divide returned to Monstercat this week, unveiling his dreamy EP, “All I Need.” This two-track EP features some low-key and serene beats, making these songs the perfect addition to your chill playlist. Each track is the perfect combination of soft melodic keys, warm atmospheric pads, and crisp percussion – culminating in a transportive soundscape. Get ready to bask in the vibes, and give it a listen on Spotify!

Inspired by the Korg M1 piano, the title track pays homage to the classic sound while giving it a modern, breakbeat feel. The floating vocals and bright melodies in “Rise” add a layer of emotion, while the swing beats inject upbeat energy. Bound to Divide’s ethereal EP also features an extended mix of each of the tracks, for fans who want a little something extra. 

Bound to Divide is a South African producer who is best known for his warm, deep sounds and textures combined with melancholic and emotional melodic structures. He made his debut on Monstercat in October 2020, with his song Cascade in collaboration with Makay. Regarding his new dreamy EP “All I Need”, Bound to Divide shared, “I’m super excited to present my third release with Monstercat Silk – a two-track EP showcasing two styles that are a bit out of my comfort zone. I hope they make you dance and feel something! Enjoy!

If you vibe with Bound to Divide’s emotional melodic stories, definitely check out some more of his bangers on your preferred music streaming platform. Give him a follow on Instagram to keep up with all his latest drops. Happy listening!